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Before You Purchase Your Wedding Rings | 3 Steps You Should Complete First

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding rings, first, congratulations on your engagement! Being engaged is a memorable period in a couples’ life; however, it can also be a time of stress. One of your to-do list items is probably to purchase wedding rings. While many brides put a lot of thought into their perfect engagement ring, we find that many haven’t thought about the second ring—the wedding ring!

Before you purchase your dream wedding ring, we recommend these three easy tasks to get you and your fiancé ready for this important purchase.

Set a Budget

Just like everything else in wedding planning, when purchasing wedding rings, you need a budget. Keep in mind, you typically buy two rings—one for you and one for your fiancé. Determining your budget will help you narrow your choices when it comes to a ring for both you and your partner. Typically, the bride’s ring costs a little more than the groom’s; however, a groom’s ring can also have diamonds or colored gemstones which can increase the cost. Be sure to talk with your fiancé about the budget before you hit the store.

Research Your Options

Similar to engagement rings, the options are endless when it comes to wedding bands. From different gemstones to metals, a wedding ring can be as unique or simple as you desire. Before you make the purchase, we recommend researching the following:

Color of Gemstone

Diamonds aren’t the only option when it comes to your wedding ring. Some couples choose a gemstone that means something to them. For example, we recently had a customer who wanted a wedding band that had alexandrite gemstones because her it was her fiancé’s birthstone.

Type of Metal

Is your engagement ring platinum or white gold? While both metals may look the same, they each wear differently and will eventually look very different. This is why we recommend sticking with the same metal as your engagement ring if it is white gold or silver. However, some brides go for the mixed metal look (which has been growing in popularity!) Be sure to ask what type of metal your engagement ring is before you purchase your wedding rings.

Fitted Wedding Bands

When looking for the perfect wedding ring, you want your ring to enhance your engagement ring. This is why many brides choose to have their wedding ring fitted around their engagement ring. If your ring is complex and unique, this may require a custom-design (which may take more time to make). On the other hand, if your engagement ring has a solitaire and timeless diamond, you may look into a more intricate wedding ring. Whatever your preference, look into a ring that enhances your engagement ring.

Research Reputable Jewelers Near You

Finally, before you purchase your wedding rings, research reputable jewelers near you! When choosing a jeweler, you don’t have to go to the same jeweler your engagement ring was purchased at. Find a jeweler that makes you feel comfortable and has a variety of rings you love.

If you’re looking for a jeweler in the Boston area, be sure to check out Bromfield Jewelers. Our family owned and operated business has been serving the Boston community for years, helping both brides and grooms find wedding rings that suit their personality, taste, and budget. To learn more about the variety of rings we have in store, visit our store or view our rings here.

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