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Guide to Pendant Necklaces

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Every woman needs a go-to necklace whether it is purchased by a family member, a significant other, a best friend, or even for herself.  Simple pendant necklaces virtually go with any look and usually comes with a great deal of meaning. With any piece of fine jewelry, there are a few things you should know before making such an investment.

Types of Pendant Gemstones Necklaces

Diamonds are the most popular gemstones for pendant necklaces. Similar to buying an engagement ring, diamond pendants come in a variety of shapes such as pear, round, oval, and even heart. Diamonds aren’t the only stones for pendant necklaces. Pearls make beautiful centerpieces for pendants which are elegant and simple. To add a little flair, pearls can also be surrounded by a diamond halo. The third most popular stone for pendants are colored gemstones, such as; ruby, sapphire, and aquamarine. While colored stones add uniqueness and flair, many women are cautious of these stones because they may not match every outfit for an everyday look.

Types of Chains

While you may think a chain is a chain, they actually are very different from one another. The first thing when purchasing a chain is to decide is the length. Many women prefer their pendant to fall in the middle of the chest; however, length of chains can vary.

The most popular lengths include:

  • 16 Inch – Often referred to a choker, this typically rests along the collarbone.
  • 18 Inch – Also known as a princess length, this rests in the middle of the chest about an inch below the collarbone.
  • 24 Inch – Sometimes known as an Opera length, this length looks great over a dress or blouse.

Chains also come in a variety of materials and weights. These materials can come in gold, platinum, white gold, sterling silver, and mixed metals. While some pendants come with a chain, many times a chain must be purchased separately. When purchasing a chain, always be sure to invest in a quality material to lessen the risk of breakage.

Shape and Halo

Pendants can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. One of the most popular shapes and style is a cushion cut diamond or gemstone with a halo effect. Halos are a great addition to make any colored gemstone, pearl, or diamond look larger and add a bit of flair.

Purchasing Pendant Necklaces in Boston

If you’re looking for a variety of beautiful pendant necklaces, visit Bromfield Jewelers. Our family-owned business offers a variety of necklaces ranging in colors, materials, styles, and prices. Whether you are looking for an everyday diamond pendant or a one of a kind gemstone, our team can help you find the necklace that speaks to you. Stop in today or give us a call to learn more about what we have in store.

4 Most Popular Gemstones

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Many people only think of diamonds when considering fine jewelry. However, diamonds are not the only beautiful gemstones used in fine rings, necklaces, and earrings. In fact, many designers are using colorful gemstones to add pops of personality in trending pieces. So, what are the most popular gemstones?

Popular Gemstones in 2018


Sapphires have been popular with fine jewelers for many years, they are also continuing to grow in popularity today. These beautiful deep-colored gems are extremely hard to scratch; which make them great stones for everyday pieces. While many think sapphires only come in blue, this popular gem comes in a variety of colors such as violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, and intermediate hues. These alternative colors are sometimes known as “fancy sapphires.” Sapphires are found in only a few locations in the world which make them rare. The three most famous regions for blue sapphires are Kashmir, Burma and Sri Lanka.


Rubies are beautiful red gemstones that many people love and cherish. These strong and bright gemstones are used mostly in rings and necklaces and are sometimes incorporated into jewelry for anniversary gifts or engagement rings. These gemstones can range in color from bright red to dark maroon and are typically hard and tough stones. Rubies are found all in many places throughout the world, including Thailand, the Pailin and Samlout District of Cambodia, Burma, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil and in Pakistan.


Also, February’s birthstone, amethysts are popular gemstones due to their feminine and bright color. Ranging from deep purple to a light lilac, this gem has been worn for centuries by everyday men and women all over the world. Because of its affordability, you will even see this gem used in class rings and statement jewelry.

Paraiba Tourmaline

When you take one look at paraiba tourmaline it’s easy to see why so many love this beautiful gem. This up and coming gem is new to the industry and has a bright blue hue. Found in Brazil, these rare gemstones are only created under unusual circumstances. “Because of their rarity and unique colors, the quality and value factors for these gemstones differ from other varieties of tourmaline (International Gem Society, 2018).” Paraiba Tourmalines have, so far, only been found in copper-rich areas such as Brazil, Nigeria and Mozambique.

Where to Buy Popular Gemstones in Boston, MA

If you’re looking for beautiful gemstones for yourself or a loved one, visit Bromfield Jewelers in Boston, MA. Our family-owned business specializes in gemstone jewelry and can help you find a timeless piece that will last for generations. Visit our store today to see the beautiful gemstones we have available.

Before You Purchase Your Wedding Rings | 3 Steps You Should Complete First

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If you’re looking for the perfect wedding rings, first, congratulations on your engagement! Being engaged is a memorable period in a couples’ life; however, it can also be a time of stress. One of your to-do list items is probably to purchase wedding rings. While many brides put a lot of thought into their perfect engagement ring, we find that many haven’t thought about the second ring—the wedding ring!

Before you purchase your dream wedding ring, we recommend these three easy tasks to get you and your fiancé ready for this important purchase.

Set a Budget

Just like everything else in wedding planning, when purchasing wedding rings, you need a budget. Keep in mind, you typically buy two rings—one for you and one for your fiancé. Determining your budget will help you narrow your choices when it comes to a ring for both you and your partner. Typically, the bride’s ring costs a little more than the groom’s; however, a groom’s ring can also have diamonds or colored gemstones which can increase the cost. Be sure to talk with your fiancé about the budget before you hit the store.

Research Your Options

Similar to engagement rings, the options are endless when it comes to wedding bands. From different gemstones to metals, a wedding ring can be as unique or simple as you desire. Before you make the purchase, we recommend researching the following:

Color of Gemstone

Diamonds aren’t the only option when it comes to your wedding ring. Some couples choose a gemstone that means something to them. For example, we recently had a customer who wanted a wedding band that had alexandrite gemstones because her it was her fiancé’s birthstone.

Type of Metal

Is your engagement ring platinum or white gold? While both metals may look the same, they each wear differently and will eventually look very different. This is why we recommend sticking with the same metal as your engagement ring if it is white gold or silver. However, some brides go for the mixed metal look (which has been growing in popularity!) Be sure to ask what type of metal your engagement ring is before you purchase your wedding rings.

Fitted Wedding Bands

When looking for the perfect wedding ring, you want your ring to enhance your engagement ring. This is why many brides choose to have their wedding ring fitted around their engagement ring. If your ring is complex and unique, this may require a custom-design (which may take more time to make). On the other hand, if your engagement ring has a solitaire and timeless diamond, you may look into a more intricate wedding ring. Whatever your preference, look into a ring that enhances your engagement ring.

Research Reputable Jewelers Near You

Finally, before you purchase your wedding rings, research reputable jewelers near you! When choosing a jeweler, you don’t have to go to the same jeweler your engagement ring was purchased at. Find a jeweler that makes you feel comfortable and has a variety of rings you love.

If you’re looking for a jeweler in the Boston area, be sure to check out Bromfield Jewelers. Our family owned and operated business has been serving the Boston community for years, helping both brides and grooms find wedding rings that suit their personality, taste, and budget. To learn more about the variety of rings we have in store, visit our store or view our rings here.

2018 Engagement Ring Trends

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Whether you’re a non-traditional bride or a bride that likes to stick to tradition, engagement rings are one of the most special pieces of jewelry that a woman owns. There are endless options when choosing an engagement ring. The days are long gone where engagement rings are simple diamonds—today, engagement rings come in a variety of styles, shapes, and even colors. So, what are the hottest engagement ring trends in 2018? Read below to find out!

Oval Shaped Diamonds

Oval shaped diamonds have always been a hit in the industry; however, they have made a recent comeback in the last several years and the trend has really boomed in 2017. Blake Lively is one celebrity who rocks an oval cut diamond ring and has set a standard in the industry. Now, you will see many modern brides rock the oval cut diamond with or without a halo.

Colored Diamonds

You don’t have to say, “I DO” to a classic diamond. Many brides to be are choosing colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, and alexandrite. Whether you’re looking to break the standard of traditional engagement rings or looking for cost-effective options, colored gemstones make beautiful engagement rings. This new colored gemstone engagement ring style has become a popular trend in 2018.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

While round diamonds continue to be the number one best-seller, pear-shaped diamonds have been increasing in popularity in the last few years. These beautiful diamonds come in a variety of cuts—ranging from very slim to wide. Often, you will see pear-shaped diamonds surrounded by a halo of diamonds but they can also stand alone.

Mixed Metal

If you thought you couldn’t have both gold and silver, think again. Mixed metal rings have been an up and coming trend in the ring industry. Whether you have both gold and silver in one engagement ring or you have an engagement ring that is one color and a wedding ring in another, there are no rules as to what type of metal you can get.

Rose Gold

Rose gold continues to be one of the most popular metals—especially at our jewelry store in Boston. Rose gold is a unique and beautiful colored metal that really makes a diamond pop and flatters all skin tones.

East-West Rings

If you’re looking at either oval or emerald shaped diamonds, many brides are choosing to rotate that diamond side to side instead of the traditional vertical look. This unique look has been around for a few years and is continuing to grow in popularity.

Modern Engagement Rings in Boston, MA

If you’re looking to find an engagement ring that speaks to you, visit Bromfield Jewelers. Whether you are looking for something simple and classic or are looking to step away from tradition, our selection and expertise can help you find the perfect piece that you will show off for years.

Christmas Gift Guide

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Well, December is here now, and though it seems like there is plenty of time, you know that time always mysteriously disappears all too quickly. Before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve and you’re drenched in a cold sweat, filled to the breaking point with stress as you frantically hunt for gifts, all the while hoping they don’t look “last-minute.”

Unless you are really, really good or really really lucky, odds are that these gifts will be a little lackluster in your heart of hearts. What better joy is there than giving a gift you KNOW is downright PER-FECT. I’ll tell you what’s better: when that gift is for the person who means the most to you.

Now I don’t want to turn this into a “Philosophy of the Holiday Season” article; that’s not going to help you out right now, but often we get so caught up in just getting something (anything!) that we miss out on a whole lotta joy and love. Seriously. OK, but that’s a discussion for next November.

So what do you do? Put just a little more time in and it will pay you back TEN FOLD. Now it’s hard to know where to start, so I’ve got a few ideas (and pictures) for you to choose from. Pay attention to what that special someone wears, likes, or even HINTS about.

Jewelry Style for 2016-17 Gift Ideas:


Layered Pearls

Obviously this could get pricey if you do cultured pearls, but we have a great selection of freshwater pearls with white or yellow gold (or silver) that look amazing.


Bangles (worn over sleeve)

I personally love this trend. It really makes the bangle stand out; plus it’s one style that agrees perfectly with living in the Northeast! We have some drool-worthy candidates in yellow, white or rose gold, with or without diamonds, sapphires, faceted or cabochon, etc., etc.!


Layered Necklaces

I have been digging this trend for a while now. This is such a great gift because you can really customize it to suit your taste and budget. These layers can be created with single pendants in yellow or white gold, precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies or birthstones, bar or station necklaces – the possibilities are only limited by your creativity!


Lariat Necklaces

I love lariats. They are elegant but don’t have to look too dressy and can be worn casual or evening. They can be with or without stones and come in yellow, white or rose gold.

Come in and talk to us for more ideas or to grab one of these ones. The earlier you come in, the more time we have to create that perfect gift. There’s absolutely no reason to not enjoy every facet of this Holiday season. No reason. Relax and breathe in, breathe out. Happy shopping!

For more ideas, this is a great resource:

Jewelry Trends for Fall 2017

Do You Spring Clean?

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Here’s Why You Should

When the last of the muddy snow finally disappears, the first of the Spring flowers poke their heads up, and the sun feels just a bit warmer, you might notice a little hopeful feeling emerge; an inner wisdom is nudging you, reminding you that it is a new season: a chance for a new beginning. This is the time of year that we long to slough off the dead leaves and muck of last year and start fresh.

Selling Unwanted Jewelry

Selling Unwanted Jewelry

I am a big believer in re-booting whenever possible. Every day, really, is a chance to begin with a clean slate and it helps to reflect that feeling back however you can – even if that just means making your bed every morning! A crisp, inviting made bed waiting for you at the end of the day might just be the difference between mental clarity and cloudiness, peace and calm and stress and anxiety. If something so small as that can make such an impact, think if you apply that concept to other areas of your life! I say when Spring comes around and you feel that pull to “shed your skin”, listen to it!

We all have “stuff” and a lot of it is good stuff; but we also tend to hang on to many things that we don’t use or need. All that superfluous clutter and baggage is really just dead weight: these things no longer add to your life; in fact, they could be detracting from it!

Ready to give it a try? But where to begin? A good starting point is usually the things that are going to be the most noticeable, what takes up the most space or always seems messy and cluttered. Whether that’s your closet or your kitchen cabinets, you need to decide what will give you the most satisfaction in the end. If you hate opening your closet because it is such a disaster, start there. If you never want to cook anything because your cabinets are scary, start there. Make sure you have plenty of uninterrupted time to go through. Put on your favorite music, knuckle-down and focus on down-sizing just that section. Don’t get down if at first you feel like you’re creating a bigger mess than you already had. Trust me, stay in the moment and things will start to take shape and clear out. At that point you will definitely feel lighter, more peaceful, and possibly inspired to keep on going.

We have some great tips for sorting out jewelry here and really the same principles apply to just about anything you own. Try not to throw things away willy-nilly. Even though many of us are trying to be more environmentally conscious, we can still be guilty of trashing some things that would be serviceable to someone else. You know the old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I know, eye roll, but really, you know it’s the right thing to do, and if that still doesn’t do it for you, some of your stuff could make you some money! There are so many avenues available now that it really is a shame not to try to recycle your unwanted dishes, flat- and serving- ware, collectibles and other housewares, purses, jewelry, watches, shoes, clothes, and the list goes on. We buy a lot more than jewelry (you can see a list of some of the things we buy here), so if you’re unsure where to begin, contact us and we will get you on the right track.

Happy cleaning!

Read Article - Spring Cleaning Part 1

Safe-Guarding Your Jewelry this Summer

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summer-jewelryThe big holiday is over and Summer is in full swing. Time for cookouts, relaxation, and lots of outdoor excitement – whether hiking, biking, swimming, or relaxing on the beach, Summer is our most active (and enjoyable) season. The only down-side I can see is that a lot of these fun activities can prove hazardous to your jewelry. Discolored metal, cracked, scratched or missing stones, or gasp, a lost diamond, can certainly put a damper on an otherwise great Summer.

But hey, don’t worry! We’ve put together four simple tips to help you avoid any unnecessary mishaps. Of course, not wearing your jewelry in certain circumstances is the ideal course, but many of us feel like a part of ourselves is missing without that special piece so let’s try to avoid that if we can!

Prong Check Boston

Prong Check Boston

1. Check your prongs. OK let me say that a little louder, CHECK YOUR PRONGS!!! This is the single most important thing you can do and what’s more it should cost you little to nothing! You should be able to drop by any reputable jeweler and have this service performed, often while you wait. No excuses! The jeweler will be able to tell you on the spot if any prongs need to be tightened or re-tipped.

2. Check all clasps and closures. That means necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Items with snap in or over clasps (we call them plungers) you should feel a decent amount of tension and hear a nice snap. The same goes for earrings – earring backs should be tight, and if it’s a clip you should feel a nice click when they close. If you are wearing hook dangle earrings, invest in some slide-on stoppers for the wire ( in a pinch, a little piece of an eraser will do too!). Anything you’re not sure about, ask a jeweler to check for you!

grandmother-jewelry3. OK I know I said you can wear your jewelry, but we need to qualify that statement… sorry. If you are going to swim in a pool frequently, it is really best not to wear your jewelry. If it’s just a few times you will probably be safe (but I can’t promise) but chlorine (or any bleach) is very damaging to fine metals, not to mention many precious stones as well.

summer-jewelry-metal4. This last one is pretty easy – you need to wear sunscreen but your jewelry doesn’t! When applying, remove all jewelry and wait until the sunscreen is absorbed before putting it back on.

Phew! That’s easy enough I hope? Follow these tips and you and your jewelry will enjoy many happy future Summers together!

The Other Side of Sapphires, Rubies & Emeralds

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Last time we investigated the possible added benefits to wearing diamonds beyond their natural aesthetic value, and continuing in that vein, we are going to take a look at the lore behind a few of our other favorite stones: Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald.

Like Diamonds, these stones are considered very precious and are sought after for their beauty and brilliancy, but have you ever wondered why an emerald is more highly valued than, say, an amethyst? Of course there are many factors contributing to the monetary value of gems, rarity and availability ranking highly in importance, but it is fun to speculate that there could be, if not mystical, then less-than-scientific reasons as well.

sapphiresSapphires are associated with wisdom, royalty, and Divine favor: they are said to protect the wearer from the ill-wishes of others which we can certainly imagine could come in pretty handy if you were living in turbulent times! Or, stuck in a messy legal entanglement? Sapphires are supposed to aid in their positive and quick resolution. Perhaps Sapphire’s deep, peaceful, blue has something to do with the serenity it is avowed to offer: soothing insomnia, lending order and healing to the mind, and transmuting negativity, name a few benefits. Additionally Sapphire is said to enhance self-discipline and the ability to stay on one’s spiritual path.

rubiesWith its deep red hues, it’s easy to guess wherein Ruby’s power lies: Passion. In fact, it is considered aphrodisiac and is said to stimulate circulation. Paradoxically however, Ruby is also thought to promote a clear mind – curious as we often see passion as detrimental to clear-headedness! Lastly, just as we desire to keep the object of our passion from harm, Ruby is a protector, especially at night, banishing sadness and foolish thoughts.

emeraldThat brings us at last to Emerald: “The stone of successful love.” Emeralds stimulate the heart chakra making them great allies against ailments of the heart, lungs, and spine. They also promote harmony and balance, and purportedly have cleansing and detoxifying benefits as well. Hey, who knew you could wear that green detox smoothie?

So yes, wear your stones for their unparalleled beauty and sentimental value, but don’t forget that you may be toting a secret, unassuming friend and ally to your health and well-being as you do!

P.S. More thanks to! Check them out for further reading.

Your Diamond May Be Better Than You Think – Boston Jewelry Store

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Many of us wear diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or other precious stones because we admire their beauty. But these gems could be more than just another pretty face – there could be some unexpected benefits above and beyond that of a mere accessory.

The idea that gemstones possess healing and metaphysical properties is ancient and naturally, given its long history, belief in the claims has come in and out of vogue. What was readily accepted in the 60s and 70s would likely get an obligatory eye roll in the 80s or 90s. But in 2015, we seem more willing to embrace the unconventional or alternative, often ancient practices and that’s not a bad thing.

We thought it would be fun to research some potential benefits attributed these precious stones. If you don’t “go in for that sort of thing” that’s ok! Either way it’s interesting and, hey, it can’t hurt!

diamond-ring-bostonOf course we have to start with the super star of stones: diamond. Naturally the most obvious and expected associations include love, faithfulness, and purity; and perhaps both fitting and ironic, diamonds are associated with Mars and Venus, seeming opposites, yet seen as parts of the same whole. However, diamonds are also believed to inspire creativity, and increase endurance and abundance. It is further thought to cleanse obstacles to achieving richness within the Self, augmenting self-love and respect. Wear your diamond when you meditate to enhance mental detachment. But what just might be the best of all is that diamonds could increase physical, mental and spiritual energy resulting in the slowing of the aging process.

So there you have it. If even part of these benefits are true, sure seems like a good reason to wear diamonds! Check back later for the possible hidden potential of Rubies, Sapphires, and Emeralds.

Thanks to for some of this information – check them out to learn more.

Spring Cleaning: Part 1

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Part One: If you don’t use it, don’t like it, don’t wear it – DON’T KEEP IT!

spring-cleaning-jewelry-bostonSpring will be here in just a few weeks and if you’re in Boston like me, odds are it just can’t come soon enough! I really do enjoy the big “Spring Clean.” Shedding the heaviness of Winter in favor of the lightness of a new season just feels so liberating. If Spring cleaning is associated with back-breaking, OCD-driven toil in your mind, it shouldn’t be. Something as simple and easy as cleaning out your jewelry box will give you the same satisfaction, not to mention the added benefit of some extra cash in your pocket. What could be easier than sifting through your jewelry box while comfortably parked on your couch – you can even do it while watching your favorite show (or at least during the commercials). Grab that jewelry box, put it on the coffee table and go to town!

sell-jewelry-bostonFirst to go should be anything that is broken or otherwise damaged beyond repair. Next up are all those divorcee earrings (sad I know, but it’s time to let them go). Now you can move on to the trickier part: things you don’t wear. This requires some introspection and much honesty. Be realistic – even if you think it will come back in style, you know there will be an updated version you like more when it does. ( I’m not talking of course of collectible, signed costume jewelry, or heirloom quality fine jewelry- those are a different animal all together!). As you go through, separate into sections – gold, silver, costume, and not-sure. Now you need to decide what to do with all your purges. If you’re feeling generous, you can give some away to friends and family. Barring that, you should donate anything that is not gold or silver – I never throw jewelry away – if it’s wearable, someone will always be able to get use out of it – Dress for Success, for example, is always looking for interview and work-wear and I’ve heard that they are usually in need of nice accessories too. Gather up the remaining gold, silver, and mystery stuff and bring it all to your favorite jeweler to sell (get some tips on selling your jewelry here). There! All done! Now you can use that extra dough to get yourself a much-needed Spring pick-me-up!