Engagement Rings

Engagement rings and wedding bands are the most personal pieces of jewelry you are likely to own. These pieces carry with them the depth of your love and the sparkle of your taste and individuality. If you let your heart guide you (hey, it got you here didn’t it?!) you’ll find jewelry that is meaningful; evoking the sentiment, beauty, love, and happiness of your wedding day all through the years of your life. At Bromfield Jewelers, not only will you benefit from our extensive selection and years of expertise in all things diamond, but also our desire to help you discover the jewelry you were meant to wear.

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Rings are shown in 14K White Gold, but are available in 14K Yellow Gold, 18K White or Yellow Gold, and Platinum. Engagement ring carat weights include band only as each ring will be custom made to your specifications, using the center stone of your choice.

Cut The cut of a diamond is what determines its brilliance, the amount of shine and sparkle. You want a diamond that reflects light and is not too shallow or deep. The original shape of a diamond, its natural flaws and inclusions are all factors before a diamond is cut. Diamond Cuts Compare the Different Types of Diamond Cuts Color Diamonds are graded from the amount of color they possess or do not possess. Diamonds range from D colorless to Z, which is a yellow. Most diamonds sold are between F to J color, which has a nice naked eye appearance. Understanding Diamond Colors Understanding Diamond Colors Clarity Diamonds clarity is its natural characteristics, such as the diamonds blemishes and the inclusions in the stone. The scale ranges from F1 to I3. Shapes of Diamonds Shapes of Diamonds