Diamond Rings & Restyling Sale

**Offer Ends December 10th**

They say a diamond is forever but that doesn’t mean your setting has to be! If you’re feeling a little, I don’t know, blah, we have your solution: Did you know that restyling your engagement or wedding ring is an easy and fun way to update or just change-up your look? And if you want to get really creative, you can extend that to your other pieces too!

We love coming up with fresh new designs and ideas for your (old) favorite pieces! Bring in anything that needs a breath of life and we’ll get to work! Whether White, Yellow, or Rose Gold, or Platinum, you’ll feel great with a spiced-up one-of-a-kind creation! Starting as low as $500.

Visit our store in Downtown Boston or call (617) 423-7464 to get started.