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Holiday Help for the Jewelry-Impaired

boston-jewelry-sale-holidayIt’s getting to be that time of year again – Thanksgiving is (gasp) only three weeks away and you know how it goes after that: you start out thinking you have oceans of time to find that perfect gift, and then seemingly out of nowhere you find yourself frantically trying to find an amazing present in an amazingly tiny amount of time.

Yes. You’ve been here before and you’re well aware that that’s probably what’s going to happen, but you know what? It doesn’t have to! Jewelry is famously difficult to pick out for someone else – why do you think those big jewelers come up with all those one-size-fits-all designs? They want to make it easy to sell you something when you come in close to the gun and need something fast. Well, this might not be true of everyone, some people really like the Journey or the Past Present Future Pendant, but we can probably agree that the more personal a gift is, the more meaningful it is. It really IS the thought that counts! Anyone can walk into one of those chain jewelry stores, throw down a credit card and walk out with something, but if you want your gift to go beyond the surface, you need to work just a little harder!

Daunted? Don’t be! It’s not hard to come up with an original idea that your special someone will adore, not only for its beauty, but for the real sentiment behind it. I could go on and on about the connection between jewelry, memory and emotion, but don’t worry – I know we’re short on time here! OK, so let’s make this happen! Here are a few simple steps you can take to find the oft elusive “perfect gift”.

Boston Holiday Sale

Start thinking now (yes NOW). That means snooping in the jewelry box, paying attention to the things that get worn all the time.

Does she or he have a Pinterest page? This can be a well-source of ideas – in fact lots of us devoted “pinners” have an entire board (or more) devoted to jewelry, so if that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will!

Listen and learn. You know how kids often appear to not be listening, but later you find out that they are always taking everything in? Well, that’s you now. Has she admired a piece of jewelry either in or walking by a store? Maybe she has mentioned liking something a friend or someone on TV or in a movie was wearing?

All of the above- even if this information is gobbledygook to you, retain as much as you can – it will help your jeweler to make smart and appropriate suggestions.

So far so good – the hardest part is over and you’re in the home stretch. Now bring your intellectual ammo online. Try contacting a few jewelry stores through their websites to get a feel for their customer service. You want someone who is attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly – believe me, you deserve it!

Once you’ve found a potential place, head on in with all the info you have gathered – you should try to go in with a couple ideas and have pictures ready if possible. Make sure you get going sooner rather than later in case it ends up being something that needs to be made or specially ordered.

There! Was that so bad? I told you so! Now the hardest part will be waiting to give your spectacular gift! Happy Holidays!

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