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Safe-Guarding Your Jewelry this Summer

summer-jewelryThe big holiday is over and Summer is in full swing. Time for cookouts, relaxation, and lots of outdoor excitement – whether hiking, biking, swimming, or relaxing on the beach, Summer is our most active (and enjoyable) season. The only down-side I can see is that a lot of these fun activities can prove hazardous to your jewelry. Discolored metal, cracked, scratched or missing stones, or gasp, a lost diamond, can certainly put a damper on an otherwise great Summer.

But hey, don’t worry! We’ve put together four simple tips to help you avoid any unnecessary mishaps. Of course, not wearing your jewelry in certain circumstances is the ideal course, but many of us feel like a part of ourselves is missing without that special piece so let’s try to avoid that if we can!

Prong Check Boston

Prong Check Boston

1. Check your prongs. OK let me say that a little louder, CHECK YOUR PRONGS!!! This is the single most important thing you can do and what’s more it should cost you little to nothing! You should be able to drop by any reputable jeweler and have this service performed, often while you wait. No excuses! The jeweler will be able to tell you on the spot if any prongs need to be tightened or re-tipped.

2. Check all clasps and closures. That means necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Items with snap in or over clasps (we call them plungers) you should feel a decent amount of tension and hear a nice snap. The same goes for earrings – earring backs should be tight, and if it’s a clip you should feel a nice click when they close. If you are wearing hook dangle earrings, invest in some slide-on stoppers for the wire ( in a pinch, a little piece of an eraser will do too!). Anything you’re not sure about, ask a jeweler to check for you!

grandmother-jewelry3. OK I know I said you can wear your jewelry, but we need to qualify that statement… sorry. If you are going to swim in a pool frequently, it is really best not to wear your jewelry. If it’s just a few times you will probably be safe (but I can’t promise) but chlorine (or any bleach) is very damaging to fine metals, not to mention many precious stones as well.

summer-jewelry-metal4. This last one is pretty easy – you need to wear sunscreen but your jewelry doesn’t! When applying, remove all jewelry and wait until the sunscreen is absorbed before putting it back on.

Phew! That’s easy enough I hope? Follow these tips and you and your jewelry will enjoy many happy future Summers together!

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